Cool design, high tech production, affordable price

  • Made from high strength and stable 35 HRC steel alloy, hardened and tempered
  • Outstanding silhouette produces by high performance laser cutting
  • Extremely low wear, even at high stress
  • Constant roughing de-glazes pads without high level of wear
  • Consistent rise and fall in temperature
  • Can be used with all TRW Pad materials
  • Legal in many motorsport championships

TRW RACE BRAKE DISCS – TRIUMPH. The ground inner ring of floating brake discs is made of aluminium and exclusively anodized in a titanium colour finish. The special ground surface finish counters vibrations and improves pad performance. All TRW pad types can be used

Cool design, high technology, for an affordable price: the new RAC brake disc

High-strength steel alloy to standard 35 HRC, hardened and tempered with an outstanding silhouette produced by high-performance laser cutting which gives an extremely low wear rate in spite of its high braking performance. Brake pads are constantly deglazed without a high level of wear and the design facilitates a uniform rise and fall in temperature. The RAC disc ensures a stable pressure point and is designed to use sintered metal, carbon or organic brake pads. The new brake disc is suitable for use in all categories of motor sport

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