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The new TRANSLOGIC QUICKSHIFTER CBR600RR 2005 2006. For standard road shift or inverted race shift gear lever set-up 1dn 5up or 1up 5dn road or race pattern. Competitive features and pricing to match. Designed specifically to meet the requirements of newer and older motorcycles. Its out of the box performance is perfectly matched to provide superior performance over any of it’s competitors. Gives smoother, safer and faster quickshifting!

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Translogic Systems Ltd has developed the most advanced ‘smart’ Quickshifter systems available. It exclusively features the unique Intellishift multi-channel ECU with adaptive shift technology. This gives a real MotoGP seamless shift simulation.

Translogic’s Intellishift is the most important aspect of a great Quickshifter system. Without this state of the art feature it is’nt possible to attain truly great quickshifts that adapt to differing engine loads and RPMs.

Click on the link image to below to see and experience Translogic’s Intellishift Quickshifter in action at Circiut of the Americas, MotoAmerica championship.


TRANSLOGIC QUICKSHIFTER CBR600RR 2003 2004(Opens in a new browser tab)


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