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Introducing Power Commander V

Dynojet is proud to introduce the New Power Commander V. The new Power Commander V DUCATI PANIGALE is the latest in engine control technology from Dynojet. The PCV is very compact, yet offers expanded features and options, with tremendous control over your engine management system.

Smaller unit – less than ½ the size of PCIIIusb
Unit powers up via the USB – no need for 9v battery and adapter
2 position map switching as standard – switch not included
Gear and speed input as standard
5v analogue input as standard – boost, temperature, MAP etc
Enhanced Accelerator pump feature – vastly increased adjustment
Optional control unit to allow 8 injector mapping
Operates with Dynojet LCD display and Dynojet quickshifter
New and improved software suite
Enhanced Quickshifter control – Adjustable kill time per gear and time between shifts.
Twin CAN ports for integration and expansion
OBD On board fault diagnosis

Improved Mapping Features

PCV allows -100% to +250% fuel adjustment
User definable map break points, upto 96 x 96 break points (10 Throttle position break points as standard, up from 9 for the PCIIIusb)
Individual mapping/maps per gear
Individual mapping/maps per cylinder
Individual mapping/maps against 5v input
For example a mapping per cylinder, per gear could result in 24 individual fuel maps

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