OZ WHEELS CBR1000RR 2020 2021


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OZ WHEELS CBR1000RR 2020 2021

OZ WHEELS CBR1000RR 2020 2021

The two main qualities required for a high performance wheel are light weight combined with high strength. OZ achieve this by using forged Aluminium which produces both a stronger and up to a 25% lighter wheel.

Available in Gold or Black anodised finish

All bearings and spacers pre-installed
Lightweight sprocket carrier and cush drive included where required
Supplied with a Renthal sprocket where required

So why are light wheels so important
Today’s modern Superbikes are now so powerful that improved handling is now worth considerably more to a lap time than additional power. A Superbike now spends as little as 2% of its lap time on full throttle and that is the only time that power really affects lap times. Lightweight wheels are a massive advantage. This is because any loss in unsprung and rotating weight is worth several times its actual physical weight. This has a massive affect on handling.

OZ WHEELS HONDA CBR1000RR 2004 2007(Opens in a new browser tab)



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