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HM Stand Alone Lap Timer

  • Worlds most advanced, accurate and reliable PREDICTIVE GPS lap timer
  • Show up and ride. Absolutely no configuration at all.
  • No wires.
  • Simple yet effective
  • HM Cloud Product

At a glance you can see if you are up or down and by how much or you can see exactly what lap time you WILL do. Allows for trying different lines etc and you can instantly see if it worked or not.

Simply turn on your bike and ride it. The built-in class leading lap timer does the rest. It is track aware and so finish line and sectors are already perfect. If you ride at a track that is unknown, it is still fully automatic and it will choose a finish line for you which you can change if desired.

A number of different screen layouts are available to suit YOU. For example

  • Last Lap Time and Predicted Lap Time
  • Best Lap Time and Predicted Lap Time
  • Lap Time and Predicted Difference
  • Best Lap Time and Predicted Difference


All lap times are accessible by:

  • On the Lap Timer itself you can browse your lap times by:
    1. Most recent
    2. Date
    3. Venue / Track
  • Stored in a simple text file on the USB flash drive
  • HM Cloud database (full data logging / track analysis and lap time / session info)

Use right out of the box and that’s it! Or also plug the USB Flash Drive into a PC where a few seconds later all of your data will automatically be synchronised to HM Trackside and HM Cloud and at the same time the latest database of tracks and the latest firmware updates are all automatically applied. You can then view / compare / overlay your laps with anyone that is a friend and you can soon race them on the HM Cloud and see, corner by corner / lap by lap who is faster and where.

A long life rechargeable battery is built in.



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