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  • MWR air filters are specific performance foam air filters for motorcycles handmade in the Netherlands.
  • MWR air filters are made of top quality materials ( FR Foam , stainless steel and aluminium )
  • Unlike all other foam filters MWR air filters are made entirely from a special Fire Resistant foam
  • MWR air filters are continuously developed and improved trackside with MWR supported teams around the world
  • MWR air filters are not just copies of the OEM filters. They are in fact specific designs to enhance the performance in the best possible way for your bike.
  • Due to MWR air filters being entirely constructed from foam and having no rubber mountings or mouldings MWR are able to use nearly 100% of the available area as filter element. Once again this helps improve air flow and increase performance.
  • To help protect your engine MWR has specifically made biodegradable air filter oil. This MWR filteroil is completely biodegradable. Not only protecting the environment but also your engine either for heavy duty (off road) usage or for long term normal (road/race) usage.
  • This biodegradable filter oil is also completely fire proof.
  • All MWR filters are pre oiled and ready to install.

The Performance airfilter 

Excellent performance and maximum protection.

Caution: Clean and re-oil at least once a year with MWR airfilteroil & cleaner.

Remapping the ECU or the Fuel Control Module is recommended.

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